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Volunteer Opportunities

MDSS is a non-profit organization run completely by volunteers. Our goal and objective is to enhance the lives of individuals with Down syndrome while providing information to professionals who work with those affected by Down syndrome. Our current board members all volunteer their time and energy to accomplish the above goal.

It is only through the efforts of many volunteers that projects are completed and events are held. We welcome your participation in any of the following ranges of volunteer opportunities. Please contact the office to express your interest in volunteering! 

All of the following ongoing events require more committee members.  Even if you feel your contribution will be small, please remember that any little task you take on is important and is one less worry for the rest of the committee.  GET INVOLVED!

 BUDDY NIGHTS:  Buddy Nights are opportunities for youth and young adults members to get together and socialize, make new friends, and to just have fun.  The group has taken a limo ride and had dinner out, gone to dances and karaoke nights, gone bowling, and even gone to Celebrations Dinner Theatre.  MDSS is please to subsidize the cost of these events.  Details of upcoming events, including costs to the participant, are emailed to members and are filled on a first come first served basis. 

LIVEWIRES:  Lisa's Saturday Night Livewires Social Club is a group for up to 12 youth and young adults.  Created in 2006, the group has met twice monthly at Church of the Way, and hangs out and does whatever young people do without their parents around!   A few off-site activities occur as well.  Families pay $150.00 per year for club membership. MDSS subsidizes the balance.

VISITING PARENTS PROGRAM: When a baby is born with Down syndrome, the family is given a beautiful Baby Love Package courtesy of MDSS.  They family may then contact MDSS and request a visit.

BABY LOVE: Running twice per year, Baby Love is a gathering for families of children up to age 4.  It provides opportunities to these families to connect.  As well, some parents with older children attend.

BUDDY WALK: Our annual fundraising event.

SEE ME BEAUTIFUL CONFERENCE: Our annual conference for educators and parents of children and youth born with Down syndrome.

MDSS WEBSITE: Up-to-date information about our organization, events, and links to relevant outside resources.


Thank you to our 2013 Buddy Walk Volunteers!

Buddy Walk Committee

Debbie Hodges

Ken Hodges

Norine Hodges

Karen Pfeifer

Maria Pereira

Dennis Lafreniere

David Carr

Carol Yaschuk

Val Surbey

Lorraine Baydack

Laurie Jackson

Colleen Evans


Other Volunteers

Carole Beaudry

Brandy Kowal

Lena Raeside

Lorraine Cauthers

Bob Cauthers

Carolyn Bacon

Danielle Bacon

Pam Friesen

Ed Friesen

Stacey Friesen

Rachel Friesen

Rebekah Ens

Alison Armistead

Britni Kehler

Paige Thunder

Tracey Silagy

Deborah JudtI

Keri Morris

Emily Morris

Galen Morris

Jaeden Morris

Kyla Auger

Christine Mcmanamna

Madison Thurlow

Nate Hiebert

Kayla Pelly

Kayla MCManamna

Ashley Pelly

Ali Carson

Ben Hill

Noah Kornelsen

Mike and Mimi Mirus

Sig and Tannis Laser

Sarah Carr

Merit Carr

Brian Duchscherer

Olga Pfeifer

Marlene Brown

Alex McWilliams

Mary McWilliams

Ben Pfeifer

Chris Gillespie

Barb VanDenBerghe

Joanne Middleton

Gord Pfeifer

Angie Baydack

Dustin Sigvaldason

Steven Yaschuk

Jessica Neil

Wendy Lafreniere

Chelsea Lafreniere

Melissa Lafreniere

Donna Totin

Gail Wynne

Janelle Dixon

Leona Wait

Linda Jackson