MBDSS Slogan

Our Mission & Philosophy

The Manitoba Down Syndrome Society is an organization that provides support, information and opportunities for individuals with Down Syndrome, parents, professionals and other interested persons. We believe that individuals with Down Syndrome have the right, like all Manitobans, to participate fully in all aspects of community life. 

History of M.D.S.S.

The Manitoba Down Syndrome Society was incorporated in November of 1991.

It received its charitable status number in February of 1992.

M.D.S.S. is an affiliate of the Canadian Down Syndrome Society.

The impetus for the formation of the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society came about as the result
of a number of events that occurred around several families including;

  • Searches for augmentative communication devices to no avail.
  • Lack of literature on speech and language development.
  • No known experts on Down syndrome in the fields of speech pathology, occupational
    therapy, audiology, special education, etc.
  • Families felt professionals were not taking them seriously, and were experiencing difficulty
    obtaining the necessary support services for their family member with Down syndrome..
  • It was felt that the needs of individuals with Down syndrome were specific enough to warrant
    a separate group. 

Goals & Objectives

  • To be a support group for parents, caregivers and families of children with Down Syndrome.
  • To build and maintain a communications network from which members can access current, comprehensive information and the latest developments.
  • To enhance public awareness and understanding of Down syndrome. 
  • To promote, encourage and support research into Down syndrome and related conditions.
  • To develop support services and projects which benefit individuals with Down syndrome.
  • To provide an opportunity for individuals with Down syndrome to express their views and
    concerns and to participate in the direction of the Society.
  • To provide forums for the exchange of information and ideas between parents and professionals. 

The Manitoba Down Syndrome Society is a non-profit organization operated by volunteers.